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Contrary to popular belief, I HAVE been posting up here since that one entry that reads 'August 2008'. Almost all recent entries have been set to private, though, for the lame reason that, yes, I have been using this old thing as some sort of journal. I suppose that use was implied when I started the account? But anyway.

News. News. Hm. Well, not much. I've been spending the last year or so in a digital art college, and let me tell you I hate it.
Back when I was looking for colleges and going through lists of majors/minors, I had a very hard time making up my mind. Well, there was always that little longing sideglance I'd make at the Criminal Justice studies.. but, I was very self-concious about getting involved in anything related to that; a majority of my family (particularly those I'm closest to) are incredibly paranoid of something terrible happening to me (thus the reluctant avoidance of joining the Marines, etc.), and quite a few of my friends often make biting, painful comments - whether they mean them to sound that way or not. So, I hesitantly skipped over those sections and instead took a gander at the art and sciences areas.
I love science, particularly engineering and electrical. However, I am less than thrilled with the idea of sitting on my ass for a living and cranking out half-hearted works in a desperate attempt to meet frantic deadlines and demands.
Despite all this, when the option for Higher Digital (the school with nearly five different names now) was offered, I snatched it up and figured it was better than nothing, probably the best I'd get.
I never once in my life ever really wanted to be an artist of any kind, but most everyone around me begged and demanded that I go and be an artist, make it big, blarghhh. Unfortunately, I gave in to all that peer pressure. Thanks to that, I've been wasting more of my parents money than I'd like to think, I live in an apartment with a disgusting, careless roommate, and I've no real interest in what I'm doing.
(but, I am grateful for Ben Forman, some of my fellow Animation students, and certain experiences.)

I went into that school a complete idiot; being a strictly traditional artist, I wound up in an almost entirely digital program (though, I really should have figured that from the name). I had only a 0.5 % knowledge of Photoshop, and didn't even know what the hell the Maya program was. As of late, I can honestly say I've never had so many ulcers and have never spoken such foul words at a damn project before. These programs and their projects have made me feel dumber while attempting to use them than I ever did when I was working "with" math.

But, I survived this quarter and the two before it, and will be able to get through this upcoming one as well. After that, I'm hoping things will get better.
After getting a badass talking-to from Ma, and finally coming to terms with that fact that I am not at all a quitter and that I am doing myself and everyone else a favour, I've made up my mind that I will transfer schools and apply for a major in Criminal Justice studies (particularly anything revolving around forensic sciences, FBI, detective work, etc.). I'll still feel a bit of fear for whatever might be said against it, but eventually that fear will go away and I'll learn to listen more to myself like I should've done previously.

So, hopefully within the next year, I'll be in my desired school learning what I want to learn and doing what I want to do so that when I grow up, I can actually say I have a career rather than a job.

For the TL;DR readers - I hate where I'm at right now so I'm planning on transferring to a different school to major in something that I should've done in the first place.

Now, I know I've never been one of those overly popular lj users with all the pretty icons, but if you took the time to read my silly little journal in it's majority/entirety, I appreciate it and I thank you. Hopefully your decisions are faring better for the most part than many of mine have.

Beasts of the Underbelly x2

Jeremy's stayin' over tomorrow night.
He rocks my white socks, yes.
Plus the Halloween haunted house that we set up at the school is gonna kick ass and take names. I love stuff like this. Yes, all was well in the House of Davi to-day, minus the part where that cafeteria bitch denied me my lunch, but yes, all was good.

Dad's coming home to-morrow...


Haw, haw, I'm going as this badass for Halloween, Meheh.-

This is going to be a grand-dandy day, yes.

Sorry, but..

Seriously though, the next dickhead kid at school who goes around saying he's an alcoholic is gonna get his ass raped by a screwdriver.
Sure, alcoholism is funny, but there's a point when it's not. Just a little sensitive about it because my best friend's dad is at the worst kind of sleep because of it.


My ranting is done, so not much else to say, except I'm going to stay up late and make a watch at all of the parts to 'The Godfather'.
I'm in for a looong night.

(This is probably the longest entry I've made in a long time..)